In 2014, I was invited to become a Student Innovation Fellow at Georgia State University. 

Featured below are some of my ongoing projects

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Student Innovation Fellowship Blog

Student Innovation Fellowship Highlights

Edge Magazine - Undergraduate Research and Culture

Charged with building a peer-reviewd undergraduate magazine/journal hybrid for the web from the ground up, I work with a team to create a searchable, readable interface featuring content that students, alumni, and anyone curious about Georgia State University would want to absorb. 

Immigration to Atlanta - Data Visualizations

For this project, I am assisting Dr. Marni Davis in the History department, to visualize data she is collecting concerning immigration into Atlanta over the last 200 years. Together, we are creating a visual narrative she can use in presentations, grants, and other venues. 

Student Created/Student curated Tools Wiki

Together, with several other Student Innovation Fellows, we built a beta wiki with the intent that students should add emerging tools with examples, which are searchable and provide information for when and where one might use each tool. 

American Lit Bits

This video collection is a beta project for American Literature survey courses to add short video collections showcasing the differing opinions of a variety of American Lit professors, and instructors. 

Atlanta Connected Learning

I create short videos showcasing the speakers featured in the Atlanta Connected Learning project. The project is dedicated to exploring critical pedagogy, engaging uses of technology, and connected learning principles in the Atlanta area. 

Interactive Google Map for Atlanta based students looking for a study spot. 

All descriptions are mine, and all pictures are credited.