Day 4 - Drinking and Driving

It's WAY past sundown, so I'm going to keep this short-ish. 

Things are still going well. It's still easier to get up in the middle of the night rather then in the morning. This morning I slept until 8 - which is contributing (a little) to my not being all that tired tonight. 

I'm having a hard time feeling tired tonight. I bought a car today. I didn't plan to execute the operation of the purchase today, but I found a really good deal, I liked the sales guy, we haggled, I signed. I own a car. And I still am not sure it was exactly the wisest choice in the whole world, but it was the right time. I haven't owned a car in well over 10 years, so... it was time. And now I'm overly excited about the whole thing, and negatively excited about a lot of the reactions I've been getting from family such as, "now you're more free" - which totally baffles me - but this isn't a blog about my car buying experience. 

Let's get back to the topic at hand:

I am noticing a few things as I conduct this experiment:

1. It matters what I eat before I go to bed. I went to watch a soccer match with friends before bed yesterday - ate a BLT, had a few beers, ate some popcorn - woke up at 12:30AM feeling kind of gross. Usually this kind of food-discomfort has left me by morning... but not at 12:30AM. 

2. It is VERY hard not to go out with my friends after dark. I'm really late getting to bed right now because I wanted to have a celebratory drink with friends because... I bought a new car! (just one, I don't drink and drive)

3. Alcohol DOES affect sleep. I had zero problem getting to sleep after 3 beers yesterday, but a hell of a time waking up in the morning. Very oddly, it did not affect the night time awakeness. I wasn't drunk - I read my novel by candlelight just fine. But I still felt... off... in the morning. 

So my findings at this early stage are that my food and drink intake are directly related to my sleep - as is my light source. And that this was probably easier when everyone did it. 

Oh, the weekend is going to be socially difficult.