Day 6 - Got the Shakes

As I suspected, the weekend is harder than the weekdays to be conducting a sleep experiment that keeps me home in the night-time hours. I can't go to birthday parties, out for a few late drinks... nothing. 

But - as I was observing the other day, drinking before sleep does affect me a lot. I am pretty much changing up my entire lifestyle. As I get used to this sleep schedule, however, I am finding that I get up naturally in the night time - so far it's been exactly at 12:47AM two nights in a row. And that I don't want to go to sleep right at sundown, but really right at dark. And I don't get up with the sun, but about an hour later. So this is turning out interestingly. I'm still using alarms, but I'm wondering if I'll need to in a couple more days. 

Today though, I woke up with the shakes. I mildly (very mildly) suspect that I may have a cold. But I'm also wondering whether or not all this resting is making me jumpy. I am a VERY high energy person to begin with - so high energy that I wear people out just by hanging out with them. My current hypothesis is that I am shaking with excess energy. I ran about 5-6 miles today and I felt much better. I'll see how it goes over the next several days. 

In the meantime, I'm going out with friends, but I'll be leaving early - on a Saturday night - and it doesn't make me happy. Sure, I could quit this whole thing and just live a regular life again - but where's the fun in that? Then I'd just be a quitter.