Day 8 - Sometimes Sleep Comes Hard

Last night I couldn't sleep. I tried. I tried some more. I texted a friend when I realized I knew where to find ice cream (real, actual ice cream) in the Atlanta area. I tried again. 

I gave up and did what I normally do between sleeps and tried again at... hold on... I'm keeping a log of it all... 00:45. Finally, it worked. Hopefully tonight I'll be back on track. Was it the case of too much energy build up, like I was blaming for giving me the shakes? 

Actually, it turns out I think I might have had a cold. The night before last, when I again got up at exactly 00:47 (naturally), I sneezed uncontrollably the entire time I was awake. Let me tell you, that's hard on the candles I use to read during those times. I also slept in until 8:32 the next morning. Now, if you had told me a month ago that I would ever think of 8:32AM as sleeping in, I would have said something less than pleasant. But here I was, 'sleeping in' until 8:32AM. And last night, I was so hot, I couldn't sleep. Granted, this was in combination with my obsessively stressing out about how much I haven't been writing toward my dissertation, but I can usually calm my mind when I'm thinking too much. No. I was burning up. 

Today I feel fine, if a little tired. But I don't feel guilty about disrupting the sleep schedule because that sort of thing HAD to have happened to pre-industrial people too. Heck - according to Roger Ekirch, a lot of people got super drunk in order to get to sleep before 10PM - the hour considered the 'best' time by Dame Sarah Cowper, upper-class socialite diary keeper in 1705. So a little cold keeping me up until nearly 1AM isn't the worst thing in the world.