Day 12 - Reflecting on the Night Off

As you may know, if you have read my previous entries, I took the night off from the experiment a couple of nights ago. It was fun, to say the least, and it also shed a little light on how I have been feeling during this experiment, reinforcing some ideas, and introducing others. 

Wednesday night, the night of Day 10, I went with a friend to a speakeasy-style bar and we hung out with his rather interesting friend, the bartender. At first, I was SUPER tired. By 10, it felt like it was 2AM. But we had a good time - we debated monopolies with an AT&T employee and there was some friendly yelling about capitalism. And by 1AM, I was wide awake, and could easily have continued on with the night. But I wanted to get some reasonable sleep, so I went home and slept directly through the night until 9AM. 

The next day, I felt amped. I was excitable, and kind of jumpy. And I was hungrier. I felt guilty about skipping the experiment for one night, but when I realized how much difference I could tell between how I felt after sleeping all night, versus in segments, I thought it was worth it. 

Last night, I went back to normal, though it was hard to fall asleep after having slept until 9AM. 

Tonight, I go on a totally spontaneous adventure to visit a friend in Augusta. I'm bringing candles, and we'll see what happens. This friend has graciously agreed to hang out with  me, sans electric lights, in the middle of the night. I suspect the rest of this experiment (8 days left) will be filled with me just sort of messing with it to see what happens...