Day 18: Now I'm Just Messing Around

I read in several sources (which really means I read a bunch of sources about Roger Ekirch's source) that many people didn't even get out of bed during wakeful time - that nameless time between sleeps. So last night, I tried it. I was awake for roughly 5 minutes, of which I remember nothing except that I was awake. I think. 

The result was that today, I had as much, or more energy as/than I normally do. As I mentioned in one of the first posts, I have so much consistent energy, that it becomes somewhat overwhelming to people around me. I have noticed over the course of this study, that when I sleep in segments, I am much calmer, yet still well rested. Since I was barely awake last night, I slept for approximately 9-10 hours, which is my preferred number of hours when I adhere to my normal sleep schedule. Today, I was a bouncing (I literally bounce around the house on my toes) ball of energy. 

It's hard to place a value judgement on this dispersal of energy. One does not seem to be more productive than the other, though I find I eat a lot more when I have more energy. I'm not sure I even have a preference. It does, however, make me curious to know how this whole thing would fare for someone with a more normative energy level. 

Too bad I can't experiment on myself that way...